offerings of an imaginative extension of reason

Not everything that happens in our consciousness is personal. Some of what is shown to us evidently comes as personal instructions. But there are also instructions given to us as human beings. There is a voice given to us, unique to everyone. By not recognising it within ourselves, we come to lack the opportunity to confirm it in others. This creates a vicious circle of abuse where we try to dominate and control other people. It hides us from each other and the daily mystery of a personal life together on a psychic scale. Just as “Mother” nature gives us our deepest personal experience of being, she is also a shared experience. Everyone have this sense of her presence in a beautiful sunset. And the laws of her shared power and energy is in us all when our bodies are involved in the experiences given by her. With our bodies we are her. We are that nature. She embodies the physical and moral laws of being there, in that place between our impressions and our actions and in a sense of real presence in the world. Which is between this mentor, his incursions and the acceptance of her in our lives. Their union also gives birth to an impulsive, personally experienced, strong willed daughter of nature with powerful instincts and moral values. But still, most people believe that they alone are everything displayed in their consciousness, and since they have never learned to listen to the source’s beyond it, they must fill in the void that arises with new content from the collective consciousness continuously. This will create an eerie sense of absence and is what is constantly transmitted from generation to generation by our fathers. We learn from them how to handle this as mere distractions, and what we should accept in ourselves. How to adapt to their collective consciousness. It is also the reason why being can be seen as something deeply painful and scary. Something we must expel from our experiences because it frightens them. Here is a big difference with traditional thinking and the ”modern” mind. Because instructions that are experienced in a personal way are respected as such traditionally. They are respected as something that must be thought of and handled personally, alone. The general instructions that occur are given to people as a whole. They are not treated as something that can be bought or sold as a commodity. Or held on to, except as part of the constant renewal of the accumulated knowledge of psychic experiences common to all. They are not intended to be kept away from others since they come from a source shared by everyone in our beingness. So the laws of nature that we experience from within do not just seem to lead us in a personal way, but at the same time, it seems that nature uses our consciousness as a canvas for our impressions, and for our creative ability to formulate both a shared, and a unique experience of the world. To me in that sense, science and psychology share the same source. But from different perspectives. One from within and one from without. But it is all the same.