we are what lives in everything, that keeps everything separate and yet together

We can try to live our lives by learning things by heart only and then exclusively work on having relations based on our understanding of the connections we have of  the things that we have learned. Obviously this will not work out well. Understanding without experiencing what it is that mutually affects us and make us interact with each other from behind the ego do not connect us to one another.  It is only half a life. We are constantly objects to the experience of our relationship to nature, to the one we have to earth, to darkness, the sky, the parent figures, the sun, the cosmic night, the constant return of everything, to people and the animals around us. Many of which we are directly connected. If we do not develop our personal relationship to this through how we experience those relationships, then we have no real contact with our physical existence as a vessel for our experiences. We have no personal relation to what they are. We can put them into words and we can say what we know about them. But we have not developed any relationship to the phenomenology of what is in there, between us and them. What it can mean for us to be in a context where our significance lies in how we are mutually affected by the psychological processes that arise there, powers that come into existence from beyond our rational control. One such raw power is what we experienced in guilt, blame and anxiety. Most people think they are of separate origin, but they are not, and we can find the consequences of that in our daily lives, in the world around us, since they arises from the relationship we have to to our senses. To what they convey to us. It is perhaps the most basic experience we have of our common pre-human past, and the forces that act on us from there. If ignored and is without a traditional reference of some kind.