the encounter with interpersonal relationships

My sense of a body-self identity and integrity is both a real and a symbolic possession of my person, my symbolic person being a visualization in the form of an ovdasas, the Sami interior person or out of body experience of our self. A kind of double or inner interlocutor, of which I am a representative. Someone we approach and assimilate through psychic and symbolic reflection. Omit the symbolic reflection and we lose the vessel for our being. Something that is experienced as a psychic weight by our surroundings because we tend to lose our integrity and place the inner person in everything around us without realizing that we are doing it. If I do not pay attention to him, he appears as an unspoken desire or as a palpable visualisation, a requiring without expression that is obvious to everyone else but me. He then begins to act independently of me and on my behalf. Without me being fully aware of his deeds. Which some of them always are because he is also the forerunner of the whole and transfers its influence to us from itself through him. But apart from that he is also the one we intersubjectively share with others. He is that within us that is placed between us and ourselves. Without him there is no us, and transferred as a demand, as something we use to replace what he is to someone else, there is no I. We would live an undeveloped emotional and symbolic relationship with nature and with those around us. This is where the whirlwind of guilt, blame and anxiety creates psychic imbalances that makes us go crazy comes from. Where we get dragged into the underworld of insecurity and psychic sufferings. To Ruotta-aimo. Also, we cannot just throw people into it, as if it will somehow take care of itself. Or leave young people to face it alone without being made aware of the mutual consequences that encounter has for them. It will just be incredibly confusing, and sensed as a desolate and remote place, a nothingness, which will just make them feel deserted. We need an introduction based on our own experiences to the references that arise in our personal symbolic vessel, for what emerges there. Because if we are not ready for it, or if it is forced, we cannot receive the impressions our senses and emotions convey to us. They become too powerful for us and we cannot transform it into an emotional and symbolic encounter with Nature, the cosmic night, with animals, and other people.