the symbiotical illusion of our habitual demandingness and arrogance

When our psychic identity or intersubjective personality has been forced to take care of our parents’ expectations that arose in relation to the visualization they have of their inner figure, we have to create artificial abilities for ourselves to replace the relation we have to our own in order to be able to cover and live up to their psychic reflection and mask our own to meet that character. In young adults it turns into a distorted perception of the connection we have to the symbolic person as a bodily vessel for our own experiences, and later in life we become conscious about this when we don’t feel authentic in relation to ourselves, and in the discomfort this confusion creates in our relationships. Especially in our early relationships since it is our developing outer reflection of an inner fact. Behind it is our repressed symbolic vessel, the embodied figure that is our connection to our body-self identity. But in a distorted form of psychic reflection and emotional needs, that by compensation demands to be served by others in quite an arrogant and greedy form of an unvoiced assumption, where other people around us have to compensate for our submission to their collective needs. As a kind of imperious justice for its service to the collective to which we have conformed ourselves. For which our parents abandoned their reality of psychic reflection. Which also means that we early on learn to communicate with ourselves through others and divide our world into opposites, between us and them, and divide that into good and bad. Instead of affirming the psychic root we share not only with others, but with all life as part of how it unfolds, by us participating in the conversation with its interior. We let others dictate our relationship to ourselves. To the other we have inside. We turn into lackeys and become dangerous to others because we are no longer related to our human form. We have no personal connection to what we are. We can shape ourselves to be politically correct, into leaders at different levels, or we can follow them in their deeds. But the relationship we have between us is ultimately determined by our relationship with the one we have within us, our inner doppelganger. Without it we feel disconnected from the interior person, or out of body experience of our self. This kind of double of which we are an extension. Often blaming others for our common distortion of the connection we have between us and ourselves, and its relation to what it means to us in relation to the within in the without. It is by acknowledging this reality within us that we have to realize that the world is at least partially evil. I think much of the materialistic mind, it’s arrogance and its greed that we encounter both in ourselves and in people around us in our societies today have its origins here. Regardless then of the fact that we constantly try to reconnect to the person we have within us through each other, and the unexpressed demandingness this creates between us. Today, we miss being introduced by someone to a psychic structure that allows us to maintain and develop the relationship we have with our inner person. This is why our aggressions often confuse the relationship we have between us and ourselves, with the one we have adapted to, that is, the one mediated by our collective’s need for its relationship to what we have lost in our inner conversation.