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When our inner original nature is suppressed and does not have an applied expression, we experience consciousness as an intrusion. As something that constantly tries to replace our personal experience of the movement between space as consciousness, and the flow back and forth between our psychic patterns and our physical reality. We are so embedded in the theoretical conceptualization of our time that we cannot imagine what it is like to be without these in everyday life. We do it almost exclusively through childhood memories or through a return to the states were we could assimilate them unconditionally. It is almost too obvious that our state of mind in the present is also a living relation to what we were before we lost our integrity to the spirit of the times in adolescence. So we look back to find this experience of ourselves in childhood retrospectively. It is in that relationship, to the one we perceive ourselves to have been there, that we sense our true nature. For better or for worse, in our second birth, he is with us in every conceivable relation we have to someone or something. It’s a pretty wild trip.