what Jung found in people of today

I think that what Jung found in what he named individuation was the inherited teachings of nature, the right path of life and our learning in living in affinity to it. We do not learn this in the industrialised form of academic knowledge and its commercial spin-offs. This is something that indigenous peoples around the world have known for tens of thousands of years. It’s about being in nature from within, and really feeling part of everything’s eternal return. If we do not find a way to connect to this education and listen to what it have to say, as all animals, insects, plants, flowers or trees do, we will not survive. This is something we learn from another source, here and now. It is going on around us all the time. It is existence itself, and it is evolving alongside us and in all current events. If I am perceived as absent minded, or unrealistic, it is because I am constantly listening in a different direction than many people around me. I do not collect knowledge, it appears to me in my relation to nature. There is most certainly a clinical description for this. But it only describes how we try to control ourselves through others by what is widely acknowledged and accepted. Not what we are in relation to our own inner human form and from what source it emerges. That is what defines me. Not in what sense I have adapted to the general perception of how one should be. It has always been about who I really am in relation to this origin. We are of no use to life if we do not acknowledge this. It will lose its inherent meaning, making people sick, and distort the view of what we are and were we come from.