the phantom mind of mankind

The compelling force of todays form of consciousness really breaks down our original state of existence within, and its personal configuration that we as adult people try to return to when we try to re-establish the actual state of our original sense of wholeness. Which occurs to us as memories, and in metaphors that are embedded in our experience of previously innate and very powerful psychological patterns of our unintegrated spontaneous nature. Our integrity becomes displaced, and we are replaced by a content that has never emerged from, or belonged to us. This is the consciousness that seeps through into our mind and forces us to live through or act out the problems of the world. By filtering out most of it, we can begin to hear our own voice again. And our henki or life force, the energy of the libido in terms of psychology, will then come into being as we restore its meaning for us in our own personal reality. Organized religion is something imposed on us, and therefore something that is in this day and age, outside of our immediate reality as we have seen what its worship of an inner psychic father’s image, and the imprint its authority as consciousness has had on us. And still have today. It is not difficult to see its influence on individual and political life. Consciousness now has a different, renewed and more subtle meaning that extends further back in our beingness than that relationship allows. Consciousness is now a personal relationship not only to our inner reality, but we also share it with each other in the outer world. It is not an authority or an attribute that is limited to a personified relationship outside of life that have no resonance in ourselves. Its space of influence on us is consciuosness. By acquiring a descriptive metaphorical language for our personally inherited psychic patterns, we bring back our preconfigured inner order into our consciousness and free ourselves from the contemporary unpleasant cover of our inner life.