to find our sense of guilt in half of what we see of ourselves in others

The most common way to attend to our within in the without, the symbolic person, our ovdasas or out-of-body experience, its immaterial presence, and the psychic and emotional reference we have to ourselves and others, is to covertly express our relationship to it through some form of socially accepted behavior. Although this collective’s behavior may go against our personal structure of psychic life, our moral principles as human beings and completely neglect the care of others and those who need it most. It is still something we do to satisfy our need for a relationship with the other within us for a greater cause or for an ideal. By believing that opposites disappear through righteousness and not through the morality that arises in relation to our inner person. We try to hide the fact that we have lost what we are between us and ourselves by trying with our anguished need of ourselves to regain the relationship we have with that which lies beyond the ego by force through others. Which breaks and splits us up. Some of us in there is driven mad by neglecting this relation. By its persistent and violent attempts to draw our attention to itself. Others become evil. This is what makes it so painful to come to terms with. That some of us have commited themselves to be ignorant of its influence on us, and make people follow them as their example. As if they did not have their own relationship to their own inner being. This evil is part of what we are. We can’t pretend it isn’t there to make it go away. Our indifference just pass it on to others to sort it out for us. It is something that those who have fallen for it, and those who take advantage of it, must find out for themselves by the hell of contradictions and opposites. Or by the hands of those who have had the strength within them to stand up to its assault on our mind. Not by those who pretend that the intersubjective object of our psychic reflection does not exist.