the earth and mind as body is at the heart of all existence

When I am thinking of those around me they are part of that flow of the mind that I am part of as they are thinking of me, or that place within the without, where that part of me coexist with them. This is Saivo and Japmeaimo in Sami, and it implies to me that we are all part of a psychic and emotional flow which we are contained in together also with those who came before us. They are living enteties that affect us from there all the time, our inner psychic reference together with other’s. But also our Grand mothers, Grand fathers, Greatgrand fathers and Greatgrand mothers, and so on further back, way beyond my historical recollection of people. They are all there. Both living and dead. Recognised or not, they are there. But there are also objective psychic influences that has always been there too. Which has influenced my ancestors in a way that leads to how I have come to relate to them. And if we dont pay attention to that we tend to repeat ourselves. Which we also do if we make them a sacrament instead of respecting them in our living relation to their influence on us. I think this is one of the greatest misconceptions we have of ourselves. When we deny ourselves the reality of our psychic and emotional references in relation to each other and to Nature, the living mind of the earth around us. To be with others between us and ourselves too.

Of course I can also use more technical and academic terms like, the unconscious and the personal unconscious and so on, but a strictly scientific mindset, focusing on the actual in a material sense only, tends to exclude the personal experiences I have of myself in an objective sense. They do not go well with, and do not describe my impressions. I would have to exclude the psychic and emotional references I have behind them. To what they consist of. I trust the many grand theorists who are so well suited to do that sort of thing, I’m just not one of them. I was made in a different way.