dissolving the union between the person and the situation

Psychic participation occurs to me when I know I am making realities out of concepts. When I admit that my conceptualizing is nothing but my imagination, and products of my feelings or of my intellect. When these abstractions or analogies are not supported by any physical phenomena. When the person and the situation are not inseparable but two separate things and I accept the fact that we are all references to an objective experience beyond that, out of which we make the intangible tangible. That there are timeless events influencing us from beyond space and time whose properties are recognized only by how they are transformed into matter. In the essence of our abstraction where their origins are experienced as an embodied power of intensity. Mediated to us by the person we are in the within, behind the without. This is how I come to sound when I get rid of all the symbolic impressions I have that formulates me and my inner world. When nothing remains of the living conditions that my psyche pictures for me. Which makes me part of it as it creates meaning. Its sounds good but it doesn’t contain anything. Just words. Because I am also something else. Something between the person and the situation. Something that the character behind my words use as a compromise to a one-sided collective mind of a society, as a bridge for me to itself. And to others like me.