the stressed and overworked psychic dance of collective life

We can really share the experience of that creativity and independence Radien-Neita radiates with women, she who we associate with the female inner person developing as a second part of ourselves, together with the feeling of the spacy embrace of nature, the embodied earth in Rahdienakka, the Great Mother, who are brutally disposed of by a distorted and sadistic perception of what Maderattje and our personal relation to the impulse of psychic reflection, and spontaneously obtained knowledge is in Rahdienattje. Imparted to us by Radien-giedde, our inner herald or masculine messenger. The distorsion of them often leads to an external life situation where we compulsively get overworked to exhaustion, and personally try to awake their favors in partners, coworkers and friends we feel to be totally absent in a psychic sense; we fantasize to be needed, valued and rewarded by them, and could not therefore, give up the enslavement this implies. Instead, our relations to them are sought omnipotently to redeem ourselves from the image we have put on our fathers as Maderattje, and in the same way as we have done before, we try to redeem our fathers from this image as sons and daughters. We do it in the same way that we once tried to reach our parents by differentiating between them and our inner parental figures, and what they convey to us. We unknowingly try to do the same thing over and over again in our personal life until we acknowledge the ulterior psychic structure to which they refer us. It is the intersubjective forms of energy making their inner workings a reality. What Maderattje do. But mixed up with people around us.