the white rabbit of social life

We’re all like Alice, we fall into the rabbit hole. Where “logic and proportions have fallen sloppy dead. And the white knight is talking backwards.” I was also brought into the presence of the other. To the primordial center of the earth that is everywhere. An intermediate place where others also exist with that embodied, which unconditionally and without interference, spontaneously shows us what we need to know. Its obvious to me in social surroundings if it is there or not. Most are just drown and their minds are split up in a thousand pieces. They cling to them as life jackets and try to hold on to whatever piece they can attach to some other. “One pill makes you larger, And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you, Don’t do anything at all”. But it will not work. Thats not the reality of the mind. Go ask Alice.