a giant is our mind enlarged to the point of being monstrous

Stalo is a one-eyed and cruel giant who wears black iron clothes that make him impervious to objectively encountering emotional nuances in a human psyche. He becomes an evil man-eater. However, since he is unintelligent and gullible he is outwitted by cunning Sami, often by the children he intends to eat. To me they are the perception we have of being in an experienced psychic and emotional totality with all things. The Stalo is a kind of deformed personality, a superego and our collective impression of how people are shaped by the internal social order of their society. Sluggish, irritable and instinctive. Stalo’s emotional vulnerability puts him in a constant state of defence that makes him stupid and aggressive. I can see him everywhere in social media, everywhere in public life and in all political debates where the position of the other is constantly ignored or diminished. He is the rejected objective life of our mind that makes us deny it in others. Those shared mental experiences and their transformation back and forth between mind and matter, from non-material psychic occurrences to tangible form. When ignored in ourselves, we become excitable and instinctive, and we behave like cattle. Since we have no psychic life of our own we tend to defend any beliefs recognized by the collective we try to unite with, and to be accepted by, as we compulsively try to conform to its split up and incongruous contexts of moral values. We are not even affected by the consequences it may have on us, or other people when we have such a unproportional approach to life. We completely lose touch with the forces that affect us and others from within ourselves, and we cannot accept other people as something that is not what we are, as something else in relation to the same psychic source, but still independent and in itself separate from us. We have become cut off from experiencing earth, and life itself.