the sky of cosmos is the infinity sensed by introverted intuition

What I see in physics today is also our inner cosmos seen through an outer infinity. The two seem to be one for me. An example is how we imagine that the background of our world consists of energy, our psychic energy, what we also experience as a life energy sometimes generalized as libido. We imagine that it is a field of forms consisting of raw energy which in itself is information or mental events that affect us with material properties. We experience them as pure energy or waves that appear within us with information that is transformed and visualized, then transferred by minds into tangible forms and matter. It means to me that a simultaneity arises in physics where parts of this psychic field appears both in a timeless event horizon and anywhere in the external tangible reality at the same time. It does not matter where our present is. This event horizon appears within us as Nature herself, as a creative imaginative field of raw energy that appears in us in a kind of simultaneous psychic reality, also imagined as being outside of time, as its interior. That which we carry within us of the cosmos itself. With all the forms of information there, which is transformed by everything that is in that space wherever it appears in time. That is why so many intuitive forms of experience are so similar. What we experience has the same original energy and form. But we describe it differently depending on where in time we are. Where we happened to be localized in that space itself. We shape it through our time to be able to make its impact on us understandable. Although it is then valued differently depending on how it is applied. This is also how introverted intuition works. We are all both a part of the energy behind what we are, and we perceive it as the other within us that shapes how we perceive ourselves and others. But when we look into cosmos and visualize its energy within us, we are all there as one.