introverted intuition is the extraverted sky turned inside out

There is a field of energy, of the unformulated and formless that has not yet become thought. Which is still just raw energy. Or shapes that lives in everything and keeps everything separate and yet together. Of which everything is made. It is the background of all things. Of the atmosphere, the world itself. Like the casing around the the earth. We all have it in us. Some just call it to reflect on something, to think and are drowned in it. But what we do is that we listens to its sudden bursts of energy and the information inherent in it as it transforms into something tangible within us. I think this is what we call spontaneity. When we are receptive to it. The creativity that teach us what we are. It also happens everywhere in Nature. The entire visible order of the world is determined by the interference of the wave patterns of this energy. The molecular wave forms themselves seem to be determined by this energy to decide how molecules should interact and create comprehensible forms out of raw energy. I imagine this as space-time, as the encounter consciousness have with the self-organizing forms of psychic energy that we are affected by. The place where the present becomes timeless, and time moves both forward and backwards. In that sense, we all seem to be both a part of and a mediator of the insight this field of energy transforms into psychic reality, as we try to formulate our truth independent of to rigid subjective motives and listens objectively to what is transferred to us. We are at the receiving end of, or objects of all of that within us that are the original influences that define what kind of experience we have of ourselves and other beings made of the same psychic substance, or transformable energy in this world. Maybe the higgs boson represents. This thinking also leads me to recognise that the Grand Unified Theory must include the imaginative mind and its experience of psychic energy as a force that coalesce with nature and is directly observed within us and merge everything into a single state of existence. This unifying is made of experiencing the products of our imagination as something that we are both in, in the sense that it surrounds us everywhere, and something that we are because we embody it. The grand theory’s interaction of cosmos and the psychic interaction of the individual mind then unifies into a single electronuclear interaction. Everything we experience is an energy wave, and everything we formulate transforms into something tangible.