Follow the white rabbit

Everyone takes for granted that there is an external, absolutely tangible reality. But it is not as obvious to us that we in addition to this are also inside an equally absolute reality whose connections we discover in the relationships we see between everything as something we relate to in ourselves, which allows us to simultaneously discover and experience that we are profoundly related to the people and events we observe outside of us as from within, and that this appears in the space between us and others, and in the relationship we have to the Nature that makes us a part of it. Most importantly, if we deny this in ourselves, we also deny it as something that occurs in others. We make them what we do not see, or reject in ourselves. To something we do not recognise as having any influence on us. We turn it into our invisible enemy. To Ruohtta, a human plague. We discover it continuously within ourselves, not only in our matriarchal relationship to the nature that surrounds us, but also individually, in our contempt for the larger dualistic reality that recognizes them both. The two are treated solely on the basis of their relationship of being opposites, not on the basis of their common ground in consisting of an energy that is experienced both in a physical and psychological sense, and in a larger coherent total reality.