the importance of people of old age

There are two forces in us that work together and that most often appear in opposition because they are perceived as separate. On top of that, we often reject one of them. Regardless of how we choose sides, they both seem to us as two different realities. One as raw experience, the other in connection to how we formulate it in relation to our lives. When one or the other side is oppressed, we end up in an opposite relationship we can only solve by rejecting what is not compatible with the attitude of our choices. Our reality becomes insufficient for us. We blame it on our opposite. It is in this soil that all sorts of personal incongruents, ideology or movements occur. We refuse or are unable to take into account how the other or opposite side formulates or experiences reality in relation to the other within us. For example; If I deny something essential in my actual external reality, I become completely dependent on my psychic experiences, on my nature and the inherent creativity that is in it, and my objective psychic reality becomes separated from my relationship to my external world. I will replace it with what spontaneously emerges from within. Which I will use to restrain my external reality in order to be able to maintain my inner balance. I must expel one part of the equation of that duality which has created tension within me if I do not choose to acknowledge them both as acting forces in me. Either I will restrict my ability to formulate my relation to my external reality by lack of knowledge, or I will restrain the relationship I have to my own psychic nature by lack of experience, and my ability to relate to the same forces and their presence in others. We run the risk of making a fool of ourselves. What I deny in myself I will deny in others. The dissonance I experience in others is something that occurs within me. So I will have a compulsive need to prevent others from expressing themselves independently in relation to any of my contradicting realities. One of them is in constant opposition to the other so the one I reject must be repressed in others. Which means that we experience it as oppression from any person we do not agree with, as he becomes the opposite side of that we surpresses in ourselves. The prevailing collective personality today is quite the like this. Because it distorts our psychic experiences, which makes us overly dependent on our sense of physical reality when formulating our relationship to what spontaneously arises within us. It will constantly replace what emerges from our psyche with the external or physical world. The sad side of this is that this is something we learn in our childhood. Few of us have the wisdom of older people around us who teach us to see the greater whole we have in ourselves. The knowledge that the current generation acquires is never sufficient. We need the combined experience from several generations to be able to meet ourselves and others in relation to life. This is what we like to refer to in the sense of mental or spiritual maturity in people, something which our current societies has so little of. We relate to the world with our body, through our eyes, by touch, taste and by listening to it. Through our psyche we interpret it. Somehow this world describes itself through us, and guide us to how we interpret it. It’s a wonderful mystery to me. And that requires a lifespan much longer than our current living generations can manage.