Visionary states and the movie Tomb Raider

Yesterday we saw the movie Tomb Raider. About in the middle of the movie, it struck me that I was watching something else. I saw the film in a different way while watching it. In a kind of double vision. An overall structural layer appeared with its own internal logic keeping its parts together. A young girl, Lara Croft or a woman’s dream self has grown up and does not want to take on the role that tells her how she should act according to what is expected of her, out of grief over her “dead” or missing father. She finds out that he had another side to him that she did not know of which was related to the supernatural / psychic / mythical. A side of him that in her makes her go after it as that makes her think that he might still be alive. Which he apparently is within her. This in turn leads her to a deserted island in the middle of a wild ocean, to what she does not know of him in her. She manage to get to this island where she also meet the other side of her father, the one who was constantly turned away from her and made her emotionally and psychologically absent. A ruthless and cold-hearted man in the form of a villain who stops at nothing to reach his goals. She really finds her father again, and at the same time descend into the underworld together with both him and his unknown “villain”. That is, the one who makes her do this descent into the unknown in the first place. Together they find the buried Queen of death down there. But she become forced to let go of her father and leave him behind to be able to leave this underworld. She also found out the real reason to why the queen has allowed herself to be buried alive. The queen suffered from a fatal psychic infection that made her voluntarily choose to get buried to save the world from her, from the disease she carried within her. That a human touch means loss and abandonment. Emotional death and burial. The Queen of death infected others by her touch. By her need of human warmth and bodily contact. Lara gets out of the underworld, and left its old structure as it fell apart and got destroyed by her infected father. She came back from the other side and agreed to take on her responsibilities to be able to continue the research of the unknown other side of the family. I imagine the touching and infection by closeness the Queen of death had, can be thought of as the contemporary negligence we all inherit from our parents, their ignorance of our common inner source, which then become heavily guarded by our buried Queen and grieving other within. Up until now she have never had any reason to confront the influence it had over her, but now she had to find the Queen of death inside of her to be able to realise what power she has over her. She does that in leftover clues, disorderly and randomly scattered around in her. She followed a treasure map that lead her to the island on the other side, to what she has within her, to her own personal experiences of her nature and the sense of a wholeness that it is part of. This wholeness is her treasure. I have no idea how this came about, why I got this ”image” of the movie. But I do now that it was not meant for me. It was most surely meant for someone I know.
Perhaps one can see these elements in the film as creative symbolism, as something that has historically also been called visions or visionary states. In any case, it does make this story more comprehensible to me, and it also gives a personal touch to the occurrence of holy men and shamans. Also, by making this summary it almost turn it into a fairy tale. Which makes me see storytelling and fairy tales, their generic summary of a story, as the inner logic of the overarching connections we process in parts of human relationships and the significance they have for our psychic organization.