the primordial “disease” of the mind

“People sometimes talk about “schamanic disease”, a special condition, a nervous disposition combined with artistic talent and extraordinary irritability.” (Wiklund, 1978: 166)
Traditionally, some individuals had the ability to raise the energy level of our double, in order for it to perform certain intended tasks, drumming was the ceremonial way to do that. Today we experience it in many of our relationships with each other and in nature but also without having a psychic architecture that can put what we experience into a psychic whole. So we look for explanations instead of a relationship to that which affects us, and which is beyond our control.

I think this “disease” is our kind of initiation into our interior form of being as a container for experiences of psychic nature. Like how women understands how they can manipulate men by becoming a container for it, and for men, the relational nature of life that men see of themselves through women. In the same way that men casually embody the ability to formulate that container, and what it contains for women who are reluctant or prevented from doing so. Herein lies much of the conflict we experience later in life with still youthful minds in an unprocessed interior. Obviously this is based on culture and not on gender since both the experiencing and the formulation of it will occur regardless of how culture define it. It is annoying as hell for any reality outside of our instinctual sexuality because so much confusion is put into it, to how we victimize each other and force the other to emotionally give in to what we ourselves have unprocessed within ourselves. With what our lack of self-independence imagine identity is all about. That blame is all over the place when we do not work through the insights of what it means to see through everyday events on a human level. And I am not referring to hearsay, mindless thoughts, gossip or guilt that floods us on a daily basis. That will not create any genuine reflection of this process we have within us. It is like a primordial initiation into a world of psyche and to independently discover our own constant dialogue with that other in a world of experiences. Of course, depending on how this has first been translated to us in our surroundings, by our heritage. But it will work through us in one way or the another anyway. Even if we do not recognize it as something that exists as a part of ourselves.

Casually, many today believe that we must make ourselves victims of its influence on us. While we are, in fact, called by our nature to walk the inherent path that it currently leads each of us to follow in ourselves. We are all alone in listening to what it has to say, and following where it leads us, but we share that calling with everything around us.