a closed mind is a mind of its own

.. when a Sámi becomes closed up in a room, then he does not understand much of anything, because he cannot put his nose to the wind. His thoughts don’t flow because there are walls and his mind is closed in .. But when a Sámi is on the high mountains, then he has quite a clear mind.
Johan Turi – An account of the Sami.

I could not agree more. There is a Sami word, meahcci, which is a perceived moral dimension with practical consequences, where psyche and nature are experienced as one in our interactions with it. There are practices of enchantment there that is not possible to squeeze in to closed spaces.

Perhaps it was the experience of this that organized religion later came to recognize as the concept of soul, which in its external form in a Sami context was called radien neita, and which inwardly was called saivo neita. But no matter how we choose to name these types of experiences, they do not differ, because this occurrence is in them both. This is not the gender issue it is often formulated as. Radien giedde is as important to the understanding of the content of inspiration as the soul is as a container for it.