self-deception is not the way of life

To see through things is to pay attention to what occurs in the space between humans, animals and nature, to allow oneself to be mutually observed in it, to what is transferred as a transparent content between us. It is a kind of separation, where what we experience is removed from us and embodied in that space. Nature becomes something that embodies itself in us at the same time that we are embodied in it. It is also what I experience when my I-ness merge with someone or something else, and to take it back becomes a necessity for my personal inner balance. This often becomes obvious to us when we get annoyed at the dissonance that arises between what we want other forms of being to be, and what they are in them selves. If we do not have an initiated experience of the experienced, we try to coerce that other to bring it back to us because it is something we have transferred to them, to nature, to things or other beings. But they are already part of that space. The opposite is also equally true. When what we see through is something we embody for someone else. Like Nature or earth, forms or qualities that does not belong to us. Either way, it involves a lot of pain, and a genuine sense of independence on the transpersonal level. Here it is a shared experience of our origin and of the raw powers of Nature itself, that is, of the forces that independently of us work through us.