it is in the sense of something more

We will never attain the whole that embraces everything that surrounds us at the same time that it also exists within us only with our intellect. It is something we experience from how we interactively participate in the basic structures of our psyche. Which means that we must first go through the defences that prevents us from reaching it again, transmitted to us by our personal and cultural surrounding. People around us are not conscious about their relation to it. So by learning to omitt our own relationship to its experience, or having a conscious relationship to how it affects us will create the conditions to our attitude to defend ourselves to its influence. It overwhelmed us with confusion and threatened to obliterate our relation to our beingness with embarrassment when we where young. So we defended ourselves with obstinancy and scorn, or we learned to do it with a total submission to those who where willing to carry it for us and compensate for our wound. That wound then turn our original wholeness into a suspicion of authority, and the sense of wholeness became a threat to us. So we cannot approach it again through those external defences we have built up under the pretence that it is that which create our individuality. Or with our intellect alone. Because this will only create a state of coercion, where our relationship with the underlying forces that affect us from within constantly repeats our need to resist them. We will find ourselves in a kind of psychic recursion and we simply lose touch with what really connects us to other people. Of course, we can constantly try to criticize ideas and opinions and feelings that do not agree with ours, but that will not make us feel more involved in the underlying structure that powers them from within our greater whole, neither with others nor in the world we are in.

Have we not already identified how this loss affects us both personally and collectively. With leaders holding suggestive narcissistic mass meetings solely to glorify their own ideas, their own significance and grandeur, both in plan and execution, not for what they actually do for the individual to make their lives better, and then incessantly blaming others for the imperfections and failures that results from the exaggerated and unattainable. Eagerly cheered on by submissive followers and inflated lackeys who are appointed to important positions to maintain the impression of the perfect leader’s glorified appearance. We behave like children in constant need of attention. But in a child, these exaggerated fluctuations are natural in the weighing of the balance that arises to the whole that exists both within us and everywhere around us, and in the development of our independence in relation to it in ourselves and in others.

On the other hand, we also have the wounded whole we see in everyone else, where we then try to force others to engage in the pain of the whole we ourselves have lost. I believe that it is this search that makes many people look for it in psychology, but also to use these means to try to control and force others to a constant submission of what has been lost in themselves, or ignore by medication.

No matter how sadistic it sounds, it is also through this wound that we will relate to others, to the world that surrounds us and what makes us empathetic people. Anyway, it is still always going to be a balance we must find in ourselves between the two.