nature nows the difference between what is right and wrong

When we feel the full power of our nature, when we are no longer children and it goes all in, then I think we develop the sensitivity that make us able to be observed by it, both in others and out in nature itself, because with years of living close to it, it becomes nothing but this Nature who experiences itself through us. It is transpersonal at the same time as we experience it in our own unique way. We share the source of that experience. Violent at first, powerful, then wonderful at the same time that it is damn challenging morally. A constant balancing act.
There is a wonderful image of it in Egyptian mythology, the goddess Maat. She bound all things together into an indestructible unity; the universe, nature, the social order of society and the individual, were all seen as part of the larger order she has generated. It was against a feather from her wings that all hearts were weighed against before they could pass to the psychic nature which is the common whole that exists for all of us, and from which we emerged as children. But it is unique in our personal experience of it. We feel a deeper belonging to life from within this larger whole, and we just now the difference between what is right and wrong in the sense of balance and integrity, and we sense our independence by heart through that experience. Maat has a strong resemblence to the door woman Uksakka in the old Sami tradition. She who watches over the transition or passage between this world and the transpersonal one.

The difference between the transpersonal perception today and the traditional one only seems to be that today that is transmitted to real women and to men in our temporal world instead of to psychic forms shaped by our psychic experiences. We are no longer physical vessels of this. And a balance between them is probably what we call feeling whole.

Instead, we live on opinions and ideas that do not originate from the forms that appear from within. So our reluctance and natural fear of facing them, creates a market of drugs from the large drug companies that prevent access to ourselves through cynical marketing, and diagnostic simplifications of our experiences supported by that, creating a distorted view of what it means to have the experience we need to be able to get access ourselves as whole human beings. It is our reluctance to face the transpersonal as something universal within us, and ignore it with psychotropic drugs, that creates the conspiracy theories that emerge from this context.
This is the mental sickness that is raging in the western or modern view of the world today. Our world no longer experiences itself through us. We have lost our ability to hear it within us, because we no longer understand that this is the way we are a part of it.