the power that embodies irrational life

There is this space within us that turns our background into content. In it there is also a force that constantly wants us to turn it into something tangible and external. To become infatuated by it and give in to it. It allows us to take a deep look at life, to get involved and be rapturously as one with it. With what it really is. It opens us up to the energy of the spontaneous, to the creative processes that are constantly going on within and around us in our physical and instinctive life. With the powers that operates there independently of us. It is a tremendous challenge to the rational intellect most people won’t dare. This is why we have a tendency to diminish all that is greater than the ego that experiences it, and try to transform it into something of its own smaller size. I think it is this powerful experience, this psychic form who is behind all our needs for change, and the one who tells us when we have become too comfortable with ourselves. Too small for our own good. He is what all noaidis and shamans have a connection to, both for healing and for our shared experience of a whole. He brings that back to us. Balancing the world and keep it up. But a rational mind will call it crazyness and even deny its existence while it self-medicate with alcohol and drugs, with whatever excessiveness it can find to punish itself with, or we eat psychotropic drugs to get anesthetized, to put him to sleep. This is where our need to control everything and protect ourselves from the influence it has on our minds comes from. If we give in to it, we become obsessed and if we fight or deny it, we lose our humanity. In that case we make ourselves impenetrable, and inaccessible to the senses that unite us with all life.