a conscious essence that embraces and energizes all life

There is a part of my psychic life that is inherited and thus not shaped by my personal experiences. It was already there when I got into it. I also think that this is what many people unknowingly face around me today, but they seem to not know how to recognize it. What raw experience is. And to absorb it into their lives. It becomes a mental deficiency that creates an inability to meet the content of our experiences that no study can solve for us. No matter how hard we try. Because these are experiences we make on our own, and they come from a psychic source that is in itself independent of our physical environment in an embodied sense. Something we perceive with our senses in the conversation we have with it between the lines. It is something that exists within and around everything, and it exists in a collective experience that is not dependent on an individual, or any personally created detached conscious content, but it exists independently of the one it engages in. We can approach that by how it affects us, see how it returns to us and create expressions that make what it is experiential. But no expression is never the experience we make of it in itself. It is something we read into the space that exists between us, and we interact with in our lives. Since no academic institution or any statistical analysis can convey this to us, they have also become targets for our shortcomings. Which is reflected in the societal frustration that exists around us that constantly streams from all kinds of media to us. In this way we have lost touch with what it is in ourselves that we share between us. What we have in common with life itself, and how we personally interact with it. I believe that it is the renewal of this psychic experience and how we relate to its similar origins within us that we are going through right now. We can also detect it in how our view of ourselves is conveyed by those we have set to lead us.