a speculative structure of space is linking us to disparate points in time

There is a wonderful concept derived from theoretical physics where it is theoretically possible to fold space. The psychic phenomenon I think this refers to is the experience of not physically moving but still travel from the world of the unconscious, by active imagination and the dreaming, to the world of consciousness. It is something that also happens to us during the day since it is a creative movement, something that is going on to and fro all the time. We move from being one of many figures among others in our dreams, as beings there in the raw psychic world, in what we like to call night time that we are interacting with, to realize that the figures there, in our dreams, or the unconscious, are still active participants of our conscious reality during the light of day. And when we fold space we turn one world into the other. They are reflecting each other all the time, everywhere. Our presence then, this now, is constantly becoming the history of our tomorrows. I/we are listening to the world dreaming itself into existence. Which is also another way to define what we call consciousness.