psychic space does not follow the geometry of common sense

I can not help but to see Einstein’s space time as a theoretical description of the impression the psyche has on us. As the experience of the “room” or sphere of the mind my inner person shares with me and is affected by. By everything that exists and that constantly arises there. If I were to try it anyway, I would still end up in his where the past affects the future and the other way around. Because that’s how we perceive it. It is not at all a given that time only goes in one direction within us. Thats the mechanics of a rational mind. Or that the present existing neither at one end nor the other of time. Time is now. What we call the future or tomorrow in a psychic sense, affects us as much as our collective memory, our yesterday or our history, personal or cultural as from what it originates from within space-time as our future. In a spiritual or psychic sense, our now, or center for our psychic experience of ourselves is both our past and how its future affects us at the same time. It is not at an imaginary end of something but is just the space time of consciousness. The ego ends up in a constant loop of feedbacking back to itself there, in an endless recursion of the experience of itself in this space-time if it does not recognise it as psyche. It can no longer determine what is our yesterday and what is its tomorrow because spontaneously both exist at the same time. Everything in the psyche affects everything else that exists in there, all the time. This means that the parts of the psyche that have always existed in the space time of psychic energy that affects everything, are also the elements of what influences us to become what we are meant to be from this place everywhere in time. Present time is its clothings. All the parts of our human psychic architecture have always been there. Our inner person have also always been there. Which means that we are born twice in our lifetime. In the flesh and in the psyche. And also as psychic occurences that depends on how far our mind are willing to experience soul migration outside of time, and our psychic education allow us to wonder in this respect. Because how we perceive or describe this differs for us as individuals, between us in different groups of people and their cultural settings. But the original energy or its experience does not. This is how I look at what Einstein calls space-time. It is like we try to render reality by applying math to the activity of imagination and the psyche during its experience.