the physics of the mind

Consciousness and its expansion as we have formulated it in the big-bang, or any creation story, is the emerging observer all reality must have in order to create existence, and to be able to hold it in symbolic integration. As I am a subject of consciousness, a potential to appear in the empirical world and act in it, I come into existence as a phenomenon of a virtual state predefined in a background of nonmaterial forms. I have to put the phenomenon in the noumenon. This is what we have always done, and still do according to the laws of physics. It is also what australian aboriginal people refer to with the experience of dreamtime, and the north american indians refer to with the great mystery, or what the traditional experience in northern sweden and finland refers to with the powers located in people and places. Of being observers. We have to realise that our being, and the entire visible world is an emanation out of a non-empirical background which is actually the primary reality, while the emanated world is secondary. And since the realm of potentiality are more thoughtlike than thinglike, our consciousness consist of this invisible background that finds its properties or nature of reality in us. And as a continuation of this something out of a background of potentiality, I am the realisation of this non-material form of symbolic reality, of that kind of imagination, and of its dreamings.
I am an actor in a world of dreams.