my nature has earth dreamings

There is an active, intelligent consciousness in that between of space that is us. A space that is also a shared me, and of you in independent interaction. It is a timeless now, everywhere at the same time. Its properties is the light of consciousness, and of illumination, a constant feedback-loop sometimes called journeying or a calling. And in this space, I relate to earth both as an organic body, and as a psychic entity at the same time in its ever-recurring processes of preformed creations that is its own dreamings. In this space, I can also relate to the dreamings of an eternal child and his dreams beyond time and space. They are the dreamings of humanity that appear as processes of pre-conscious virtual states of information. It is the dreams of another awareness. Of a great timeless beyond of pure mind as the dreamings of an emergent reality of psychological origin and substance, of periodic patterns of symbolic information that is intentions independent of us and the acting force of what we do in the physical world. Generated by the appearence of the earth and the dynamics of its processes of future empirical possibilities as they are not imposed from without, but arises from within the dreamings endogenously. But first the eternal child is unconsciously lived out as a compulsory need of emotional female nourishment. Of attachement to objects, people and ideas. He is held captive by them, since his dreamings are not acknowledged as coming from him. Even more so, if we also lack the reality of earths dreamings.
But that is also how we get to notice him.