consciousness is observed creation

If I acquire an independent relationship to the shared emergent forms of the processes that makes up our predefined non-material reality, and of its influence on future empirical possibilities. I relieve my consciousness of them in a way that makes the reality I share, the one created just for me, and the one I was born into, become the part of life that I emit to others. Because this is the “nature” that i have. And it is the part of me that makes me aware of having a presence of non-material virtual forms. And that I am born into a space, a consciousness, where the past and the future is thought to exist simultaneously in this one geometrical object where all the time exists all of the time within that experience. I have to accept that this space i call consciousness, where all of reality appears to its observer as one single piece of time, while its motion to our directed thinking, is thought of as a single frozen piece of a periodic pattern of all times, and not something timeless emerging from a preformed virtual state beyond consciousness to our second, or inner attention, and that there is a reality that is emerging out of an observation created by symbolic information.