Psychic stress, imbalance and spontaneity

Psychic stress is something coming out of an imbalance. We have created a society where we educate professionals, but not people. From an early age we are taught look at ourselves from a position depending on the wheels of commerce, and of servitude, where the nature of people are not accounted for. We are trained to live under the grinding demands of rationality without paying attention to our individuality, or its collective human aspects, and in tune with our own impulses. And we wonder why people get soaked up in self-pity, in anxiety and frustration, then flooding the world with it.
There is an obvious imbalance here, and many of us have to work ourselves through it, to find a more candid relation to ourself, and to something more of an unconditional spontaneity and individuality.
This disconnectedness seems to be the prevelent attitude in all public life today.