a view from the inside out

If I resist the contemporary approach to make psychic experiences “objects” of my mind. And instead view them as a non-material reality of emerging virtual states. And consider my inner life as a process of that psychic reality coming into consciousness where I am located in my present particular “position” of mind, and in relation to that process, I then act on its appearence. This I think, better correspond to the pre-formed conditions of “information” that is my potential emergence of reality, than any restrictive materialistic objectification do. And I also think that this is what is referred to historically as the energy content of archetypes, the spirit world, and the personification of deities. The immediate source of experience in people and places. Also, my experiences will come to be determined by how I interact with that content of “information”.
Because I view these states of potentiality as an innate capacity. A process of life and of transformation, relative to our impulses that directs and coordinates the flow of our mind as a realization of consciousness created from this non-empirical property of reality. And it then appears to the mind as a phenomenon for us to interpret. Which is how we bring the invisible to the visible, and materialize the flow of our individual ”position” in this non-material reality, and its potentiality of emergent life that we share with others as an independent urge toward the growth of consciousness.
But by over objectifying this timeless state, or nonlocality, we risk loosing its living quality. We become too materialistic and stop listening.
We loose our psychic body of awareness, and the soul of the world.