the origin of my self-criticism

I can actually see my life and everything that has passed so far in relation to a timelessness that encompasses all of humanity. And how the absence of an authentic relationship to the voice of our individual ancestors means that people simply absorbs everything around them, and in that sense becomes predetermined only by their first family. Which is also what is perceived as “normal”. This reflects an adaptation to the immediate environment, but not to the psychological impact that is inherited from beyond previous generations. In this way, we can not discern the patterns that emerges from them, which intrude on our lives, and make us process the experiences which occurs from our psychic origin, and the individual ancestors that drive us to carry out what they want us to do. That is, by listening and reflecting on what really exists within us, and which interacts with us in this world. It is this that makes us perceive that there is a morality that is inherent in life itself, and that it is also the basis of the physical world. I think it is from this conception of time that I have begun to see my physical being. This is also where my self-criticism comes from.