Adjusting to the demands of psychological inheritance

Parts of our living which we think are our own, is not. It is ancestral life. We are something quite other than we think we are, since we are subject to influences that reaches way back, beyond our parents, our grand parents, and our great grand parents. It also continues beyond the scientific notion of our DNA, as we are subject to an interior life of imagination that spans further into the background of our individual reality than that. We do not derive our self from our parents psyche. But from what is behind it. Our ancestral heritage is found there. And it is that ancestral influence we are ment to fulfill. Of course we are made up of many inherited constituents. But there is also a dominant inherited characteristic that creates its own hierarchy within us. And it involves a conflict. Because when we proceed into life we come into opposition with it. It is almost like something from behind us have its own say about what our true purpose in life is. We are not living our own lives and we have to find out what this call from the realm of our psychic world is. It is experienced as this ancestral feeling of our psychological origin coming back to us, acting on us from within a different timeframe. And it have something important to tell us. I think it addresses the problem of displaced psychic energy. That it is dispersed beyond us and relocated to objects in the physical world. Creating an unnecessary competing opposition to what they are telling us. Whatever it is, materialism is becoming an objective substitute for them. So we suffer from our transferred psychic energy not being able to handle what is coming from our selves correctly. We assign what is our personal experience of them into something else. Forcing someone or something to embody them. We channel it into concrete matter. But they are the basis upon which our human personality is built. Which is made of psychic substance. Between us we are recognising the existence of psychic heredity even if we cannot prove it in terms that are rigorously scientific. That is, in a strict materialistic sense. I think the basis of the psychological problem of people from the northern hemisphere is to be found here. In recognising the existence of each of these relationships, and the loss of their source in the larger unity of the people. Which in itself is our extended being with the forces of the ancestral life and its forms within us. They participate in our daily life as fragments of distributed energy that drive people in society today. And not recognising them suffocate the psychic atmosphere we create for ourselves and others, and it becomes the root cause of the conflict we carry around inside and let loose on the world.