the content of the physical space of distance

There is an aspect of us that is multi-generational and not logically linked to chronological time. It is based on the direct experience of knowing that we do not just exist in the physical space. We are present in another time frame also in which we participate as infinite nature. A reality that transforms into timeless experiences that distinguish our perceptions of meaningful contexts over a greater distance in time than any individual lifespan. It occurs everywhere. Continuously. As if we are in a “telescopic” time. It feels like something that penetrates into time to perform a larger task. It also determines the flow of our experiences. And in them, all generations are represented at the same time. From there, they also constantly question our relationship to the time we are in. It is very difficult to deal with it. Because it gives us an ability of predictability of a different kind. Not based on our physical body perception, but on our presence in something that is a universal feeling of being possessed by an intense energy, a force in an emotional recognition that is simultaneously seen in everything around us. Concentrated on specific events in our lives.