the one Nature want us to change into

Throughout my life, I have followed a maturation process that has little to do with the material aspect of the world. It has always existed alongside the social order of which I have also been a part. I have followed intentions that were not my own but psychic motives related to an inner totality in that process. It is as if I have approached and become more and more embraced by it. And I have also always felt a physical communion with the nature that surrounds me which makes me feel as I am one with it as an aspect of that totality. This has made me aware that there is an intention and a reciprocity that follows from objects of a psychic order, and if we don’t follow its intentions, what they convey to us, we will struggle with ourselves and make our world suffer. We make it suffer from our own anger over the loss we feel from having abandoned our sense of this whole. Without being able to put it into words before, it is probably this process which I so much wanted guidance with throughout my upbringing. I wanted to put my experiences in context. But this knowledge is coming up short in the general consciousness, and not many people today have it. Thats why we become mad. Without knowing better, normality is not always good for us in a time of need. It only increases our anger and frustration. Which is why we all need to have some training in how important the integrity of our inner dialogue is.