into the minds of creation

Yarning is a wonderful australian aboriginal way of learning used to expand on the traditional way of seeing through events and experiences, to connect to and share that which gives them its value in an agreed context with one another. To become one with creation together, and explore its emerging patterns. We can get glimpses of them in our daily lives. We meet people or find ourselves in places where creation suddenly connect us and we open up to have an experience. But yarning is a deliberate gathering, provoked by the urge to see what the patterns of creation want to spin for us. For me this is what learning is all about. What genuine relationships are made of. But I have always been muted by the fact that I have never been in a learning environment where there has been a clear relationship to creation as it appeared in me, or in other people and places. I have learned a lot of things, but nothing that had anything to do with the experiences I had, or the life they connected me to. There have been personal moments when it has happened, but most of the time people I have met have felt uncomfortable both in a physical and mental sense, of being outside the generally accepted, of what is already thought and known. I have always felt genuine in the presence of the ongoing of creation, it is very powerful.