todays war are yesterdays wounds and forgotten anger

It may never have been more obvious than now how the overwhelming psychological pressure from an outside body creates its own replacement. And how our short-sightedness between us, usually negotiated through our media, is infected by the same wound, the same violation, in the experience of how an external power creates this endless compulsive feeling of submission anger and sufferings. Of psychological pressure and compliance on collective conditions that are not based on the individual’s unique composition.
Within us, we have all experienced how social pressure, transmitted through our parents on individuals, also creates the righteous indignation we will carry within us as our own war with ourselves for the whole we once abandoned to be able to feel connected on an emotional and social level. But by seeing our own integrity being abused through others, and repeated in the world again, and without acknowledging that what we experience there, has nothing to do with us, and that it is a vulnerability that was once created on our own sense of wholeness, and that what we see are others who have also undergone the same thing, who with righteous anger also continue to expose others to the same abuse that we ourselves have been subjected to, and that the socially “righteous” and generally accepted moral anger is nothing more than our own internal war, our own abandoned struggle för integrity seen through others. So maybe this is what humanity as a whole must do. We have to become so abominable to one another, so disgusted of what we do, that it finally is so obvious what we carrie within us, that we realize what it is to us and change, before we can actually choose another more human and individually experienced path of the whole we all have our relation to.