the Nature that embraces us and the I-ness that materializes it

Since someone close to me goes through what I myself have gone through, and I had to formulate that intensity again, and for someone else this time. This in turn became what follows below. It really makes one feel genuine, to be able to share the force of experiences like this. But it is not just a one time event. I admit it is quite violent the first time, but this connection and its movement back and forth, between and into psychic events and back to the world of I-ness is something that is happening on a daily basis, and all the time. It really makes one feel genuine, to be able to share the force of experiences like this.
In our conversation with ourselves, friction always arises if we do not “materialize” the energy that arises there, and convert it into something physical. It then wells up and almost floods us. It’s nature. Our Nature. The raw natural power that exists “within” our personal space. And it feels like the more friction we can bear, the more of that nature we can receive. Like we become more us. That we are both independent of others, and lonely containers of this together with them. We “burn”, and it almost drive us mad. But at the same time we begin to see the difference between our life energy, what it is, and that Nature that we want to experience more of. We feel involved in ourselves and in it as an independent force that exists everywhere and in everything. A living entity or world soul. But above all, we see that when we are not really connected to it, there is only an undeveloped and unspoken demand for compliancy. Since those who have not endured the friction created within them must constantly “have” that power from others. Own it through them. Like children we believe that we can constantly get it just by wanting it. Not because it is a shared energy. As a child, it is an absolute necessity to experience it like that at first. But beyond our childhood, it is a have to, to discover that it is not dependent on anyone else. But that it exists within and through us. That we may own and express it as the natural force it is and that it exists between the I-ness and the self that materializes it. It is life-energy, self-preservation, creativity, sexuality and the integrity we express in the psychic space that exists between us, which acts on us from the Nature that is our common source. It is raw power. Unfiltered, unwavering and not diluted by “rules” about how it should be rather than what it actually is. It is as if we descend into our being, and finds the space where we become objects of the forces that exist in a Nature that are greater than us. As children we need rules and regulations to handle it. As initiated adults we have an approach. With statistics, we treat people like cattle, with experience as individuals. It is the way of life.