our nature does not like to be trapped in people, ideas or in things

To be out in the mountains, in nature, is to be close to the force that is both the whole that surrounds us and that which is the Nature that is within us. What we feel we are embraced by, and talk to within ourselves, and relate to in others. Which constantly reappears in and around everything. There we are close to what it is and the place it is in. And we hear ourselves most clearly there. The closer we can get them to each other, the healthier and more genuine we feel. Nothing may come in that changes and destroys it. Or try to replace us with what is already there. In that silence, we are close to it both in a bodiless, and in a physical sense. In integrity, independence and spontaneity. We materialize it in us. We sense it in certain places and with certain people. Often as something intensely alive and in parallel with our collective order. But not everyone realize it as within them. They experience it only on someone or in something. In something that has been. In some historical sense, in mobile phones, media or in buildings that will try to determine to us what it is. But our Nature only becomes violent then. And destructive. She has never liked being trapped. At all.
It’s like the ultimate challenge. Testing our courage. If we can face it, or continue to be children in relation to our being. One aspect of that is perseverance. This is why every traditional initiation ceremony has copied the element of mental pain and transferred it into a ceremony. This is what we reject and diagnose away. We make it a medical condition. Far from the experience we have of our nature. Which then drives us mad. This is where we learn that there are forces that are much greater than us that we must live with. Where words just become empty. To feel genuine is to experience love, integrity, creativity and sexuality also as independence. It’s energy. To be our nature without shame or guilt. We feel guilt and shame when we cannot share it. When we mutilate ourselves for those who do not want to see it in themselves.