the power of experience

What is perceptionally referred to as an archetype and its similar diversity of experiences in a psychological sense, has its equivalent in the exterior where we call them concepts and facts. It is not too far-fetched to also refer to it as things of the spirit world because its content originally seems to arise from there with our desire to understand how it relate to us. To get answers from the infinity that exists everywhere around and inside of us at the same time, we ask for it and it comes to our aid. We can just as easily call where psychology affect our bodies to pray. Because the substance and intensity of the powers that then appears to us there is common to us all. It does not matter how different temporal minds have referred to them. We still have to ask them by praying because we have reached as far as consciousness will let us. We can settle for the answer we get and move on as if nothing has happened. As a young mind do. But in the long run we are better off by also recognising those who assist us from there.