the mind of our tomorrows

Strange things begin to emerge in a society if we idolize the collective consciousness in the form of a person, a movement or an ideal, and then create doctrins or symbols out of it. We will then submit to this person, or the “cause” of a movement, and then ignore the impressions and impulses that do not fit into the now idealized narrower form of what the content of our collective consciousness really is. We abandon our natural instinct to make personal reflections of our experiences, and end up in a rational jumble of academical contradictions. Our access to moral considerations based on what life is, becomes second to making assumptions about perceptions of what it should be like. True reality loses its contact with direct experience and we become stifled with theoretical ”issues”. We then hide most of our connections to the collective consciousness in these types of relationships to emphasize our need to control others. This is a distorted and sadistic picture of the relationship we have with the original psychic energy in all our forms of fathers. I think much of the abuse of people’s trust we see in all leadership around us, from the personal to the collective, originates from this. It is this idolizing identification that enables us to create our dictators, our despots, and the grandiosity we sense in our ”knowledgable” tyrants. All these suddenly appearing movements in media, or political causes also emerges out of this. We leave it to these ”happenings” to decide something that must grow out of our individual relationship to ourselves. Because in the end, we are all alone in our individual reflections of the collective consciousness that will shape the minds of our future.