Our psyche is a matter of life

I must admit that I don’t have much appreciation for academical psychology. For me, neuropsychology that deals with the physicality of the human mind has a greater merit to me than the current statistical and historical approach of academic research. But none of them are really taking into account the immediate personal experience of our human reality here and now. All life, in every moment, is really my impressions of that experience. And since everything around it unwittingly tries to make it a collective one, exclusively focused only on the consciousness of the collective individuality in past tense, my nature in the form of my beingness have resisted the temptation of such an unbalanced one-sidedness. It is in the collective consciousness that we store all the imagination our psyche transforms into culture and science. And of course, I realize that this one-sided focus on the collective consciousness that affects the view of how we try to understand ourselves is quite natural because we, as individuals are all part of the knowledge stored in it. After all, it is what becomes our personal relation to cultural life within our lifetime. But it does not take into account the presences of the existential information we get out of a variety of different internal events and its forces that has accumulated within our minds over a longer timespan than a single generation. Which is what intervenes in our personal reality outside of the views of the collective consciousness and of the academic world. It is against this one-sidedness my nature resists.