the all-encompassing intensity of our nature

We are constantly being intruded on by raw nature, and it behave so autonomously. It can literally deny tangible reality, and claim priority over of it, so we are in no way sheltered by our outer senses. These experiences does not proceed from physical facts, but from how we perceive them since we are not only in nature, we are nature. Nature is in us, in raw unprocessed form. And we evolve in this relation since it expands in us. It is this unconditional aspect of nature that we share with everyone else. We are made of this earth. From this eternal field of energy behind all creation. It is mother earths own source of dreamings behind life. Without working this connection there can be no morals. We become purely instinctual creatures in an undifferentiated existence. It is by processing our relationship with her our imaginations are transformed into social reality.