the second birth of life

When experiencing our second birth we experience the substance of which our being is made of. I have spent most of my life to come to after being overwhelmed by this. Here we meet the very source and ideas expressed by psyche on itself. This is a shattering experience of raw nature in the flow of undifferentiated existence in the great mother nature of the unconsciuos. We turn our existence into a place of between in a vertical mode of being where the axis of the world is an internalized experience of the inviolable, and to a sacralisation of nature both within and without. It is our bare bone symbolic death, and the threshold through which imagination is poured into us as raw nature turning chaos into cosmos. Life itself becomes a sacrament. We are pushed into a tremendously painful and desorientating experience of life where we discover that we are not only in nature but of nature. Initially, we are really acting as we are crazy if it is viewed only from the point of view of some compulsive cultural ordinariness. After an experience like this, one will really become a bit odd to others for the rest of one’s life. But I liked the discussions I had in solitude long before that. Or as a young woman once told me: ”You are born in the wrong time!”. Now I can respond to her: A part of me are.