it is as though we were one thing

Just think about it. Two or more people can access the same content of the psyche and share the experience of that content with each other however different they perceive that content to be between them. Haven’t we all been in love?
We use expressions like, I, me, my. And you, we, or us to tell the difference.
When we have trouble agreeing with its content it is common to group it together like in they, that and them to distance us from it, or just treat some of its content as if it were not part of our psyche.
Throughout my life, I have longed for, and searched for this type of connection just to find that most people don’t want to have anything to do with it. Which makes it almost impossible to access life with that kind of relationship in mind. There is a too big a difference between boosting our self-appreciation through others, and establishing a relationship with this shared content of raw nature. So it has been purged from our reality and become limited only to what is useful in a social sense.