that transcendent something which is reborn in an interconnected cycle of existence

It is obvious that there are psychic qualities that are repeated in the place we call personality over and over again as if they were not bound by time. Properties that will continue to exert their influence on us from our psychic reality wether I enter into life or I leave it by my individual biological death. It is something that is passed on from one body to another as a psychic trait that we relate to that was already there before we became aware of them and able to perceive it. Time in this sense is for me how we imagine them and dress them up based on how their qualities affect us. But they also have unique characteristics with specific inherent personal characteristics as opposed to the general ones. Which means that we may identify them as belonging to a certain person, place or ancestor, and that this quality, with these identifiable features in this way reappears in the sense that his or her directions are needed and called for in a higher sense, in the greater psychic context. Which is mean that it can end a cycle of aimless drifting, and its wanderings in a messy and troubled everyday life. By that quality, we are provided with the  information and insights that can help us end a destructive cycle of repeated unconscious behavior, should we recognize them, and the forms of constant repetitive behavior we experience in our life. We can instead attend to them actively when they affect us interpersonally in our daily lives, in our dreams and imaginations. They emerge within us and create the contexts that we must psychologically endure and work through in order for them to be consciously understood by us, and to enable us to bring them into a transpersonal consideration in our lives. It then becomes obvious to us that we are temporarily housed as a non-physical essence in our physical body in its existence in the physical world, and that it is this that begins a new life in a different physical form or body as an entity among others. But I dont think it is something that becomes passed on to another one, it is more like we become aware of it when our psyche is developed enough to experience it. It has been there all the time, and some of that is characterized by the local context in which they first appeared. This may become confirmed in our dreams, even though it may have been a long time since we physically embodied the context of them. In this sense, I believe that transmigration is the formation of our relationship to consciousness, to that which appears again and again in our psychic reality because a lifetime is not enough for us to make us understand its content, or assimilate what it is that affects us from there, since it is something that is in constant change. If more people, individually, could work their way through this to be able to see it from within their own psyche, its shared content, and see others and the world around us from this perspective, the world we live in and relate to would be sensed and have a feel about it that would be much better than we have right now. Women would not take it out on their bodies, on their body image and their nature, and men on their lives, on how they act on how they see themselves in it. I now, in reality this is not at all this clearly separated within us, or even experienced as separate qualities, because they are something that exists within us all, mental qualities we interact with that are personally experienced. I see it more as the path of thought to follow where our inner being leads us. Consciousness in this sense is something we develop when we separate from our inner self, and our ego emerges in relation to it as a psychic whole, as something that is both separate from our outer world and at the same time also part of it.