where simultaneously defined properties can be expressed by single values

Applying math to active imagination leads to some really strange results. Because we discover that we influence and alter reality both in a psychological embodied sense, and matter itself. Blending them together puts the rational mind to question. Because at one hand we treat reality as imagination and energy, and on the other we treat it as the tangible visible matter that we are in, in a physical sense. To me, this is what Heisenberg and Schröder was talking about, and its application is as far reaching and astonishing as the mind itself. Since mind then appears to be matter, where the contents of the mind have the same impcact on us as matter. We can no longer half-heartedly separate psyche from matter because they are in this way experienced together, and interact with each other as embodied information. It is here our mind becomes a new born. One which is leaving the old mechanical view of itself behind as it develop into a world of its own where the mind of cosmos is out there and within us at the same time.