space: the final frontier

I never know someone enough to really know that person. I have a perception of a person. An idea. But I never really know. I am not that person. I make judgements based on my own personality. But since I make that, I also have to admit that most of what I see in that other person is coming from me. From what I conceive about her or him.
What I can realise through experience alone, is how others by their individual expression relates to some psychological content that we may or may not have in common, and to how our personal aspects of that relates to our specific gender. We can get a hint. But this pre-manifest world is invisible to us. There must be a distorsion in this for us to be able to see it and reflect on it. Only then do we start to look behind what we put out there. And we may get a glimpse into that which distorts our relations and shapes our preconceptions. It seems almost impossible for us to enter into this space in any other way.