my psychological space also suffer from an anthropological distortion

I have ended up in non-linear space now and then in all my life. It is where I have regenerated myself and listened to another kind of “teachers”. In one form or the other, they have always had this habit of appearing when they are needed. Things just happen that somehow points me to what I had in mind at that particular moment. Small coincidences that appear as assistance to us. Like helpers. Most people around me does not recognise this. They become disoriented in a kind of nowhere. Which is horrible. I know, I have been there too. This is where we get dismembered. But since i have experienced this place from a very young age I have also learned to wait. To trust this and to listen. To look beyond the turmoil. And at those points in my life, I had to turn to what I knew were my own center of orientation, to the references that I was born with. Or get stuck in this “crazy” space of compulsive ordinariness. The reality of having this space of traditional psychological containment is a sense of having access to something timeless. Which, if not properly respected, or distorted would become profoundly harmful to everyone experiencing this. That’s why I have a problem with christianity and churches. They put this space in a building instead of under the sky. Because I think this is something that needs to be naturally enclosed and managed there. Uninhibited. Alone, by ourselves. Nothing should come in between that experience and us when we need it. With the exception of the aid of those who has been there before us. Anything else is just domestication and window dressing.